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  • Modern Interior Aluminum Profile Laminated Glass Revolving Doors

    Modern Interior Aluminum Profile Laminated Glass Revolving Doors

    Aluminium door and windows are made of aluminum profiles, which are surface treated by oxidation or spraying, cutting or riveting, and combined with various kinds of glass: transparent glass, frosted glass, low-E building glass. insulating glass or double-layer insulating glass, or insulating glass filled with argon, laminated glass. According to local legal requirements or climate requirements, single-layer, multi-layer, colored glass can be selected as the glass for doors and windows; we use aluminum profiles and accessories and glass required by China for wind protection and heat insulation. Our aluminum doors and windows adopt the current international standard opening methods: sliding doors and windows,opening doors and windows, keep and dry windows, folding doors and windows, pocket sliding doors etc. Material thick from 1.2mm-3.5mm. Our Aluminium doors and windows have 9 advantages: 1. Flat frame inside and outside, invisible drainage outside. 2. Fixation mode: glue injection + mechanical fixation. 3. There is anti-collision device for opening the window sash. 4. The glass is fixed with adhesive tape without glue. 5. Use the German weibuch hinge. 6. The handle is kngwithout base. 7. Insulating glass, vacuum or nitrogen filling can be selected 8. The profile is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint, which will not change color for 30 years. 9. It can resist typhoon category 15.

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