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    Modern Exterior Cherry Wood Pivot Entry Door for home

    Modern Exterior Cherry Wood Pivot Entry Door for home

    The process of heavy-duty and large-area rotary wooden door is relatively complex. The wood is natural, and it is easy to crack and expand with the change of temperature and humidity. Therefore, we adopt the technology of solid wood splicing for this large-area rotary wooden door, which will create thousands of different styles of rotary wooden door. Sometimes the height of the wooden door of some customers is more than 106 inches (2700 mm). We would suggest that the customer accept the steel frame in the middle of the wooden door as the strengthening effect, so as to ensure that the large area of the rotary shaft wooden door leaf will not fall, deform or even fall down during long-term use. Our wood door engineers will give customers various useful opinions. The paint of large area rotary shaft wooden door is the paint with environmental protection paint of outdoor fluorocarbon paint. The wood door will not change color after 20 years of use, and the paint surface will not fall off.

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